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I am now offering a new unusual low cost magic bean gift item.  Great fun for the kids. 5 beans per package. Easy to grow. Use "Buy Now" button at left for fast purchase or email your order. 

Brand new and high quality.
These beans can say messages on both sides.
Engraved into the bean so that when the bean grows the message will be on the plant's first full leaf.
Ideal for your home, office or garden.
All you have to do is get some soil, plant it and water it every day.
A good and magic gift for young lovers.
Very lovely, cute and magic.
The message, give the gift that keeps on giving, each little bean comes with a message, perfect for any occasion. 
It's easy to plant the seeds as well: get some soil from your garden and put the bean in a small pot, then, occassionally water the soil to moisturize the bean and just wait. Keeping the environmental temperature between 64°F and 77°F helps ensure a successful growth. After 3 to 7 days, you will see the sprout of the seeds. And soon after that you will see a little green plant showing your message to the receiver. It's an unique live gift. Messages are provided randomly in the packages and are not sold by choice. However, let me know your choice, and I will try to include it in your package of seeds if available.

Package Includes: 5  bean seeds all with different messages similar to those seen in the picture above. 

Sample package of 5 Beans

Fastest way to get them. Click PayPal "Buy Now" button above. Select drop down menu to select number you want. Email for help.
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2 sample magic bean packages
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