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Jerusalem Artichokes (Sun Chokes)

Others: Tomatoes, other veggies, Other vegetable plants, Perennials, Annuals, Water Hyacinths, water iris, House plants, Worm compost tea, Chandelier plants (Mother of 1000's). Contact for availability.
I have been growing worms and gardening for many years. Due to a stroke I no longer sell at the Orleans Farmers' Market, but I do sell from my residence. See Farm stamd. Custom orders available this year. I will ship some of my products. Please call 508-240-1014 and ask for Woo to make an appointment to see my products or to just discuss growing your own worms. Picture scroller shows some of my products and below is a list. I am always available to answer questions and offer a personal touch not available with other worm growers.. Thanks for visiting.......Woo

Sunchokes - Sample of 1 lb. for sale.