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This year  I plan to grow over 75+ varieties of tomatoes for sale at my farm stand at 10 Sherman Road in South Orleans, and through Woo’s Worms and Garden Products via residential pick up. Germination failures may require deleting some from my list below. Once again I am offering 8 packs of large custom grown transplants in 4” containers for $32.00. You tell me which tomatoes your want from the list below, and I will grow them for pick up at planting time. For an extra $4.00 charge I will add a tomato of your choice to my list if available for purchase. Must be done before April 20th. Residential pick up only. 
Call Woo at 508-240-1014. 

Farm Stand opens May 1st

Woo's 2017 tomato list: 

Abraham Lincoln, Amana Orange, Amish Paste,  Anna Russian,  Australian Yellow Stuffer, Beef Master, Beefsteak,  Beefy Boy, Better Boy, Better Bush, Big Beef, Big Beef - small round, Big Boy, Big Italian Plum, Big League, Black Cherry, Black Trifele, Black Zebra, Box Car Willie, Bumble Bee, Brandy Wine, Brandy Wine - OTV, Brandy Wine - Red, Brandy Wine - Yellow, Burger Master, Camp Joy,  Carbon, Camello, Celebrity, Container's Choice, Comstock,  Cosmonaut Volkov, Delicious, Dr. Carolyn, Dester, Earl of Edgecomb, Early Girl, Early Wonder, Estamino (Rootstock), Galina's,  Garden Peach,  German Giant, Giant Belgium, Gigantor,  Gold Metal Yellow,  Goliath, Great White, Gurney Girl, Hawaiian Pineapple, Husk tomatoes (ground cherries), John Behr, Juliet,  Kentucky Beef, Lemon Boy, Mexico Midget, Moon Glow, Mortgage Lifter, Mr Big, Nebraska Wedding, Paul Robson, Plum Tigris, Pot Luck,  Roma, Romanita, Red Alert, Rosalita, Rugged Boy,  Rutgers, San Marzano, Superbeef - Burpee, Supersonic, Super Snow White, Sun Gold,  Super Steak, Sweet 100, Ultrasonic, Water Melon Beef, Whopper, Woo's Snow White, Woo's Orange, Yellow Pear

List will be adjusted as I as I grow my plants in March and April. 
8 pack of tomatoes in 4" containers. 
2016 tomato crop is progressing nicely in the green house. More seedlings are transplanted every day.

See Coupons  page for a free tomato plant coupon.
New this year:
- Cedar Planter Boxes made by a local artist.
- Once again 5' tomato cages.
   15" and 17" diameter for $13 and $14 respectively. 
   Will last over 20 years.
- Many new hybridized tropical hibiscus colors.