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Growing worms may not be for everyone, but anyone who does gardening of any type or has a yard with foundation planting should be participating.  Composting can be done on a large or small scale depending on your needs. Instead of taking your leaves, grass clippings, brush, sticks, cardboard, newspaper, organic kitchen scraps, or other organic material to the dump consider starting your own composting area. Fortunately many towns are recycling much of this waste and some actually have their own huge compost piles the end product of which is made available to residents. I personally make use of this composted material available at the dump in Orleans Mass., and have found it works well. The only disadvantage of using compost available from a town dump is that you do not know what has been put into their compost pile. I have been told the Orleans Dump does not use high risk materials. Leaves and debris collected from roads by street sweepers, dredged from sewer catch basins, or residents can be polluted with dangerous chemicals or Petroleum products from automobiles or other sources. If you do your own composting, you have complete control over what is added to the compost pile. Later I will explain how I use compost from the dump for my composting program.  I will break this discussion down into topics of interest which can be accessed using the buttons above. All Buttons are now activated.

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