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I am now offering seeds for many of the plants I grow every year. I sell them for a very low price of $2.00 - 2.50 per pack. Most packs are labeled for 20 seeds, but they normally contain more. Some special seeds like hibiscus have fewer seeds per pack.  I have tested and will use them all personally. Many of them will last for a few of years. The tomatoes in particular seem to have a longer shelf life. Supplies are limited so order early. Residential pick up and USPS shipment. Call Woo at 508-240-1014 for availability and S/H. Free printable adjustable pattern for handy seed envelope is available.                                                                                      Click icon. ----->

Seeds currently available - 2016 crop:

Tomatoes (open pollinated):

List will change. Currently packing and testing seeds for 2016. Call to check for availability.

Amana Orange,  Beefy Boy, Better Boy, Big Beef, Big Boy, Black Cherry, Black Trifele, Black Zebra, Box Car Willie, Bumble Bee, Burger Master, Red Brandywine, Yellow Brandwine, Camello, Camp Joy, Carbon, Cosmonaut Volkov, Delicious, Early Wonder, Giant Belgium, Goliath, Great White, Hill Billy, John Behr, Juliet, Kentucky Beef, Moon Glow, Morton, Nebraska Wedding, Red Alert, Roma, Romanita, Rutgers, San Marzano, Sun Gold, Super Beef, Super Snow White, Supersonic, Super Steak, Ultrasonic, Water Melon Beef, Whopper, Yellow Pear.

All tomatoes are $2.00 for pack of 20+ seeds


Hybridized hibiscus - 10 pack for $2.50
Yuca - 10 pack for $2.00
Water iris

Planting Seeds Instructions. Click Icon below: