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There are many benefits to Vermicomposting and perhaps one of the greatest is that it is a wonderful hobby which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Below I have listed the benefits as I see them.
- The hungry worms can consume large quantities of organic garbage which does not have to go to the landfills.
- The worms convert the garbage into a valuable form of compost known as worm castings or vermicompost.
- The worms keep working for you day and night, and require a minimum of maintenance.
- You can go on vacation for months at a time and your worms will be in good shape upon your return.
- This is a very low cost hobby with huge benefits.
- The worms multiply very rapidly which means your garbage will be consumed faster in larger quantities producing more castings.
- Gardener's crops are greatly improved by  the use of worm casting and worm tea.
- It is a great way to teach children about nature and the importance of keeping the earth green.
- Extra worms and compost can be sold or given away to friends to do their own vermicomposting
- It has provided employment for many people who got into it a big way as shown by the many worm farms that have popped up all around the world.
- Beside eating up your garbage the extra worms can be used for fishing bait, or food for your pets. I like to use worms to fatten up my goldfish in my fishpond.
- Many vermicomposters get a tremendous enjoyment out of watching and studying their worms in the composting boxes. Though it is not recommended to disturb the worms too often, they seem to put up with the nosey humans viewing them in their box environment.
- Setting up vericomposting boxes is fairly easy and many types of containers can be used. The materials required for bedding is readily available and a variety of materials can be used. I personally have used spackle buckets without tops and have successfully grown worms. They are very adaptable creatures.
- Boxes can be stored inside or out as long as the temperatures fall within the worms comfort level - not in direct sun or freezing temps please.