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What is Vermicomposting? It is the process of having  worms  and other decomposer organisms process our organic waste and turn it into a great natural fertilizer called vermicompost (worm castings). Vermicomposting worms are voracious eaters that are extremely happy to spend their lives eating organic waste, excreting worm castings, reproducing, and providing you with high quality compost. This can be done by anyone at home to dispose of garbage, provide bait for fishing, provide food for pets, and produce the best natural fertilizer for your plants.

Glossary of Vermicomposting terms:

African Nightcrawler: Largest of the vermicomposting worms. It is a rapid breeder and good composter. Its large size makes it poplar with the fishermen. Does not do well in cold climates.
Africans: Short for African nightcrawlers.
Biochar: Charcoal that is used to nutritionally supplement soil
Compost: Decomposed organic matter
Canadian Nightcrawler: Very popular fishing worm which lives deep in the ground. Also known as dew worms since they come to the surface at night when the gound is wet to breed and feed. Not adaptable for vermicomposting.
Casting: See "worm casting"
ENC's: Acronym for European nightcrawlers.
European Nightcrawler: Popular vermicomposting worm which is larger than a red wiggler, but smaller than an African nightcrawler. It is a very good composter and hearty worm.
Euros: Acronym for European nightcrawlers, not European money to Vermicomposters.
Manure Worms: Usually identifies worms living in manure piles. These are usually red worms which are adaptable for vermicomposting.
Nightcrawlers: Identifies worms that are larger in size
Red Wiggler: Most popular type of worm used for vermicomposting.
Red Worm: General term identifying red wigglers, manure worms, super red wigglers, etc.
Reds: Short for red worms or red wigglers
RW: Acronym for Red Wiggler
Super Reds: A larger variety of red wiggler which is adaptable to living in your lawn. It can be used for vermicomposting.
Vermicomposters: The group of odd people like Woo who grow worms in containers to eat their garbage for the production of valuable organic fertilizer.
Vermicompost: Compost produced by worms. See "worm casting".
Vermicomposting Worms: This is the type of worm used for generating compost in containers. It includes such worms as red wigglers, European nightcrawlers, and African nightcrawlers. They are big eaters that usually feed on the surface and breed rapidly. Normal garden worms and Canadian nightcrawlers are not in this group. 
Worm Casting: First of all it is not throwing a worm on a fishing rod. To put it bluntly it is worm poop, excretion, waste, s--t, excrement or droppings. You get the idea. It is also refered to as vermicompost.
Wigglers: Short for red wigglers