Woo's Worms
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Harvesting Compost – Usually I wait a minimum to 6 months before dumping a box to get the compost. Small amounts can be scraped off the top layer of the box if you so desire. Before dumping a box I stop feeding for a couple of weeks, so the worms eat up all the garbage. Feeding on one side of the box will concentrate the worms in that area, so you can remove compost from the other side of the box. I prefer dumping the whole box. I separate the worms from the compost by piling the box contents in cone shaped piles. I put a bright light on the piles which causes most of the worms to bury to the bottom of the pile where they can be collected. I put the compost in tub containers carefully to save any worms I missed. The baby worms are difficult to see. Often I put banana peels in the tubs of castings to locate the worms that I miss. It is amazing how many worms will gather at the banana peels. I put damp newspaper on the castings to make it a good environment for any remaining worms, so they will find the banana peels, and can be collected at a later date. The last box I started with 200 - 300 red wigglers I dumped after 6 months produced 1500 worms plus another 100 or so I got using the banana in the compost trick mentioned above. I actually counted the worms to get an idea of what reproduction rates I can expect in the future. That box produced over 15 pounds of compost. Before using or selling the compost I sift it with a 1/4" mesh. Below are 6 short videos I made documenting the dumping of one of my worm boxes.  View in order 1 to 6.