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5/27/11 - Many coffee houses are glad to give away coffee grounds to feed your worms.

5/1/11 - Sometimes new worms added to a composting box will stray from the new environment. Keeping a light on them for a few days until they become accustomed will prevent this problem.
Also putting the whole box in a very large sealed plastic bag will contain any worms that get out of the box.  Remove bag after a few days and collect any escapees.

10/5/10 - A large plastic soda bottle cut in half as shown below makes a very effective fruit fly trap. Put in a little cider vinegar and a dash of dishwasher soap to attract the flies. Other liquids will also work such as beer.

10/25/09 - In the fall gather unused or rotten pumpkins and squash to feed your worms. Most garden centers will gladly give them away. Just cut them up and put them in your worm box. Worms love them.

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Fruit Fly Trap
Fruit Fly picture by Aroid