Woo's Worms
Farm stand

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Ever since I quit the Orleans farmer's market  in 2011 due to medical reasons, I have been selling my worm and garden products from a farm stand in front of my residence at 10 Sherman Road, South Orleans, MA 02662. It has proved to be popular and successful even though we are off the beaten track on a culdsac. Signs placed on route #39 have successfully directed potential customers to my location. I have tried to expand the offerings to my customers to make their shopping interesting, but my main concentration has always been of having over 70 varieties of tomatoes. Woo can be contacted at 508-240-1014 or woofish@yahoo.com.
Current Year

I opened the stand on May 1st (2017). The only changes are that I added a box to house the cash box and other  items to keep them dry.  I also now have a sales log for customers to list their purchases. Notes for me should be left in the box with a phone number or email address for replies. For the first time I will be selling nice cedar planter boxes made by a local artist. Some of them can be seen in the farm stand picture below. I am also planning to once again sell the large 5' tomato cages. This depends on my capability to make them. The supply of cages will be limited so please order early if you want some. More tropical hibiscus will be available as will a variety of perennials. My offering of over 70 varieties of tomatoes will still be my main concentration for plants. Come pay me a visit.